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Fildena 120 Mg

About Fildena 120 Fildena 120 is a medicine that is often used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in males. A

Fildena 150 Mg

About Fildena 150 Mg   Fildena 150 mg is a medication prescribed to men experiencing erectile dysfunction, a condition that

Fildena 25 Mg

About Fildena 25 Fildena 25 mg, a drug which is used to provide relief to men from the problem of

Fildena 50 Mg

About Fildena 50 mg Nowadays, relationships are not only based on physical touch but also sexuality, and due to the

Fildena Professional 100 Mg

Fildena Professional 100 mg Fildena Professional 100 mg is a drug which is mainly prescribed by the doctor in case

Fildena Super Active

About Fildena super Active Fildena Super Active can be classified as a PDE5 inhibitor. This medicine is mostly provided to

Fildena XXX 100 Mg

About Fildena xxx 100 mg  For the problem of erectile dysfunction, new ways are adopted to provide relief from the

Super Fildena

About Super Fildena  Super Fildena is a medication that has sildenafil citrate and dapxetine. These two components address different aspects

Introduction Of Fildena

Erectile dysfunction is a disease which has changed the life of men. The common reason for this sexual disorder is increase in population, stress , anxiety and workload and all these have given rise to new diseases and the most common one as mentioned above is erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. A condition when it becomes difficult for men to sustain erection is erectile dysfunction. Though the disease is common but has a very dangerous effect on the life of men it has destroyed it both physically as well as mentally because it has made them loose their family and friends. Now men are in search of a medicine by which they can get relief from such a disastrous problem. The solution is FILDENA medicine which has sildenafil citrate which makes the blood carriage to the penis easier.

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As stated above, a condition where you are not able to provide sexual satisfaction to your partners makes the relationship bitter and the case goes about divorce and this makes the men lose belief in themselves . This condition is so private that it cannot be shared with anyone and the partners are already frustrated so they are not ready to help as a result of which the situation worsens and the men slip to depression.

Finding relief for such a problem is difficult but not any more after manufacturing of fildena medicine. The medicine came to the life of men as a blessing and has saved them from all the problems.

The medicine lasts for about 4 to 6 hours , a time period crucial for the men to satisfy their as well as their partners sexual needs and make the relationship better. But after looking at all the advantages, do not believe that the medicine is a one stop solution for all the problems of impotence as it is just a temporary medicine and can provide relief for a limited period of time only.

There are some examples where the medicine has no result like in the process of sexual intercourse and any disease is brought along the medicine cannot help you or protect you from the disease. Next is during pregnancy if you are planning for pregnancy or already pregnant then the medicine will not be able to help you.So, consult your doctor for medicine according to your health condition.


The medicine has given men a way to fight against the problem of erectile dysfunction and has given them a chance to lead life like normal people.After consuming the medicine the men has regained the long lost hope and confidence. Consult your doctor for a low dosage and if it does not work ask to change the dose.


The medicine needs a push to start its work and this is done by sexual excitement. On activation the active ingredient sildenafil citrate starts to function by restricting the PDE-5 enzymes and with that the cGMP enzymes are stimulated which results as nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide does the work of relaxing the blood vessels and the muscles near the penile region and in addition to it the lungs and the arteries are also relaxed as a result of which the heart is not pressurized and can easily perform the function of blood circulation.


A doctor recommendation is necessary for the consumption of the medicine as the medicine is to be consumed according to your medical condition and if consumed in unknown quantities it can lead to major consequences.

The medicine is to be consumed about 30 mins to 1 hour of being sexually involved and it can be taken in an empty stomach along with a glass of water and even after a cuisine but it should not be a heavy meal which means a food rich in fats and oils as this would not allow the drug for activating faster and provide the desired results.

If you want that you should not face any hazardous problems then avoid alcohol or any other fruit juice till the time the medicine is consumed.


When you do not consult your doctor and consume the dosage experimentally then you may face major consequences like :

Missed Dose: Failed to consume a dose of the medicine is called missed dose and in such cases you do not have to worry and can consume the dose whenever you remember. But there are some things to take care while consuming the missed dose if the next dose is close because both the dosage should not be combined.

Either the missed dose is to be taken and the next dose to be taken after 24 hours or skip the missed dose and consume the next dose as it is .

Overdose: Overconsumption of the drug can be a reason for major consequences.and therefore it is advised to avoid overdose as long as possible . For the sexual pleasure increment or to balance the dosage if missed avoid consuming it. In case of consumption of overdose seek doctors help to avoid major problems.


Sore Head
motion sickness
spew up
Aztec revenge
Pain in the body
Blushed face
acute myocardial infarction


1) A doctor’s guide can help you know the dosage according to your health condition and the correct dosage.
2) Your medical condition can be a great help to the doctor to decide your health condition.
3) Due to any medical condition if you have done a surgery of heart, kidney or liver or you have allotted in future then consult your doctor.
4) If your job requires concentration then consume the medicine after you have completed your work as the medicine causes drowsiness.
5) If you want your medicine to show the required results then avoid alcohol as it has the capacity to reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
6) Nitrates or nitrogen consumption can reduce the pulse rate and can lead to death.
7) The medicine is not useful for women specially who are pregnant or breastfeeding and children rather it can cause side effects.
8) If any medicine is consumed by you for erectile dysfunction then avoid fildena even if both the medicines have the same components.

Store the medicine at room temperature like any other medicine for sexual disorder. Sunlight and moisture are the two factors which affect the medicine and change its originality therefore avoid both the factors and store the medicine in a cool and dry place .

Bathrooms which are wet places should not be used to store the medicine.The medicine is for the men to provide them solution from the problem of erectile dysfunction but women who are pregnant or breastfeeding ought to stay away as it can affect the infants and children below the age of 18 years are to be kept away from the medicine.


Fildena 25
Fildena 50
Fildena XXX 100
Fildena 100
Fildena 120
Fildena 150
Fildena 200
Fildena Double 200mg
Fildena Super Active


1) Can fildena increase the penis size ?
As stated earlier the medicine is just to provide relief from the problem of impotence which is also known as erectile dysfunction. The medicine is not usseful for the problem of penis enlargement.

2) What is the correct age to take the medicine?
Adult men are considered as perfect for the consumption of the medicine if he consumes the medicine according to the dosage of the doctor but in general men above 18 years of age and till 65 years of age are considered correct for the consumption of the medicine.

3) How long does the effectiveness of the medicine last ?
The medicine is estimated to last for 4 to 6 hours which is the chance for the men to satisfy the sexual needs of both the parnters.

4) Can we consume the medicine daily ?
Yes if you require you can consume the medicine daily or only during the mood of sexual pleasure as the medicine is non addictive and easy to consume.

5) Can an overdose of medicine be consumed?
No, try to consume as much as prescribed by the doctor because overdose will not increase your pleasure but will cause major consequences.