Terms and conditions 

We welcome you for purchasing food from our website but before that we would like you to read the terms and conditions of Genericmedicinehub

When you use the service of our website it means that you are comfortable to our terms and conditions.

If you feel uncomfortable using any website, you should avoid using ours. 

Guidelines for purchasing the medicine: 

Take a look at the following purchase rule while shopping on our website : 

For personal purchase: 

Genericmedicinehub  sells medicine for personal use only and we do not encourage any resale of the medicine available on our website.

Sources and quality of the medicine: 

The medicine available on Generic Medicine Hub is basically from Indian pharmacy and even some are from foreign countries. The medicines are made according to the FDA and  WHO policies. The packaging of the medicine shows the place where the medicine is made.

POLICY OF THE Genericmedicinehub: 

1) Property of the website: 

The originality or the property of the medicine lies in the original content, features, and functionality and all this is protected by  international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret.

2) Rules and regulations: 

Generic Medicine Hub has the right to change or update their website’s rules and regulations and our users are required to keep themselves updated. 


You need to take care of some of the terms before purchasing medicine from our website: 

1)  Requirement of a prescription : 

For purchasing goods from our website you require a prescription which is by a well known doctor. It would be better and necessary if you take advice from the doctor before the start of consumption of the medicine 

 2) Quality of the drug: 

The standard of the medicine is maintained along with the patent rights and keeping in mind the institutional guidelines irrespective of the country where it is manufactured. 


1)Documentation of the order: 

The people who want to purchase the medicine from our website should upload the prescription on genericmedicinehub so that the processing of the order and its delivery is easy. 

2)Conformation of the order and billing: 

When the purchasing process is completed the credit card should be made ready for the payment immediately An email to your registered address will be issued to verify the medication. The delivery is made after 24 hours so that there is a way for cancellation or modification. 


Consent of the user for personal information: 

The details provided by the user at the time of registration is done with the consent of the user. 

Address and modification of shipping: 

The address provided by you during the time of registration is final and the shipping will be done there otherwise the most recent address will be calculated as the default address. The customer can change their shipping address before the delivery is done because once the shipping is done the address cannot be changed.