1) Which countries can benefit from the medicine? 

 Our medicine is available all over the country for purchase. You can buy it from anywhere across the globe. 

2) How do you buy the medicine with a prescription?

You can either scan the prescription and send it to us on Genericmedicinehub, or you can even email us on our website to get the medicine according to the prescription.

3) How long does it take for the medicine to be delivered?

As the medicine is available for delivery both within and outside the country therefore, it may take some extra time due to customs duty, delays in flight schedules, or any natural occurrence that is not in our hands, but generally calculate 10 to 14 days as the minimum time and maximum is 30 days.

4) How can I track my order?

You can track your order according to the invoice number provided by Genericmedicinehub to your registration email ID, and if you do not have one, you can even ask our customer service about the logistic name.

5) Can the order be canceled?

Yes, you have the option of canceling your order, but only with the condition that the order is not out for delivery and only a cancellation fee will be charged. If the order is already shipped, then we will not be able to cancel your order, and the cancellation is generally available after 12 hours of ordering.

6) What to do if a wrong order is received?

In case you have received the wrong order, contact our customer so that we can provide you with the right order as soon as possible.

7) What do I do if I still need to receive the confirmation mail?

The confirmation mail will be sent to you as soon as your order is placed. Still, if you do not receive the mail, it may be due to the reason that it may have been gathered in the spam messages. Hence, you need to go to the spam messages and search for the confirmation mail and select mark as a good option or add a sender to whitelist option so that the mail will no longer appear in spam.

8) What should I do if I have entered an incorrect email?

If you have entered an incorrect email, you will not receive any email from Genericmedystore, and you will have to do the registration process again. 

9) Why am I not able to pay from my credit card? 

The reasons for the decline of cards can be many. Some of them are : 

During the process of the security code, you may not have entered the passwords.

This may also happen as you need more money on your card.

10) What is the advantage of using a credit card?

A credit card controls the money transfer and does not allow transactions from an authorized site. 

The data transfer is done between the bank and the customer, and the sensitive data is stored with a secured code or passcode so that there is no improper use of the medicine and the information related to the transaction is known between the bank and the user.